Operating rooms

In our world-class operating rooms we practice Major Outpatient Surgery that allows patients to be treated effectively, safely and efficiently with an admission time of less than 24 hours. This practice ensures safe and successful recovery.

    • Cornea treatments
    • Laser for treatments of refractive defects

We have the excitation laser and Intralase for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism interventions.

In our facilities at the Rotger Clinic, we performed myopia, without hospitalization, along with those other interventions that do not require it.

Complementary tests

  • Campimetry for Visual Fields
  • OCT Optical coherence tomograph
  • Topographer
  • Pentacam
  • HRT
  • Angiographer
  • Retinograph
  • Angio OCT
  • Biómetric
  • Ecograph
  • Vmax Ecograph

Unit of contactology

Specialized in the study and adaptation of your contact lenses - hardwood or rigid -, PRIOR the CORRECCIÓN of all kinds of problems such as astigmatisms, keratoconts, etc.

  • Therapeutic contact lenses
  • Rigid reversal lenses per year / semester
  • Soft or regular replacement lenses

Center of medical certificates

At our centers of Medical Certificates in Palma and Inca we carry out medical certificates to process driving permits, weapons, boats ...

  • Ordinary medical certificate
  • Driving license
  • Weapons license
  • Navigation license
  • Crane operator license
  • Private security license

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Ophthalmologic explorations by more than fifteen doctors and specialists in visual health.

Laser unit

We have all kinds of clinical lasers aimed at carrying out a wide range of treatments:


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