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IOM’s medical team is comprised of prestigious ophthalmologists graduated in national universities and with specific training acquired in national and international hospitals.

Dra. Mª Monserrat Miró Roig

Collegiate 2681

Català, castellano, english, français

Dr. Antonio Alomar Sitjar

Collegiate 07/083104

Català, castellano, english

Dra. Esperanza Monclús Redondo

Collegiate 07/5012031

Castellano, français

Dra. Mª Teresa García García

Collegiate 4287


Dra. Elena Rigo Oliver

Collegiate 7070761

Català, castellano, english, deutsch

Dr. Nagi Emile Najm

Collegiate 3285

Castellano, english, français, arabic

Dr. Pedro Obrador i Prohens

Collegiate 3285

Català, castellano

Dra. Mª Luisa Monserrat Figueroa

Collegiate 3551

Català, castellano

Dr. Juan Muntaner Serrano

Collegiate 3478

Català, castellano

Dr. Joaquín Estrades Gómez

Collegiate 192B

Català, castellano

Dr. Hugo Blasco Garrido

Collegiate 35320

Castellano, inglés

Dra. Pilar Cirimarco

Collegiate 070711670


Francisca Planells Roig

Collegiate B-2093

Català, Castellano

Dr. Edwin Fabian Muñoz Corrales

Collegiate 070832965

Castellano, portugués

Cristina García Quesada

Collegiate B-03343

Catalan, spanish

Ainhoa Dominguez García

Collegiate 24015


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