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In this area we deal problems affecting the cornea and therefore we also have the latest technology, such as the femtosecond laser or HRT to analyse all layers of the cornea and its cells. Most corneal diseases that require surgical treatment and can be included in one these techniques:
  • Corneal rings
  • Cross-Linking
  • Cornea transplant

Intrastromal or intracorneal rings

The intracorneal rings have been a revolution they are a step prior to corneal transplant, which may be delayed or even avoided, in young patients. The treatment with intrastomal rings consists in implanting one or two tiny arcs made of acrylic material in the cornea. They are placed by a surgery procedure causing the flattening of the central cornea and ameliorating the incidence of the images on the retina and consequently improving vision. Intrastromal rings have the advantage that can be removed o exchanged if they are not fulfilling their function or if they are causing intolerances.


It is a surgical procedure applied on the cornea by ophthalmologists to increase the tissue resistance, combining radiation with UV light and Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin in eye drops).

Cornea transplant

IOM is one of the few centres authorised by the Regional Government to perform tissue transplants, having for this purpose an agreement with the Blood and Tissue Bank of the Balearic Islands. The cornea transplant, also called keratoplasty, involves the replacement of corneal tissue by a patient from a donor graft, which is fixed in the eye of the receiver over the suture that keeps the cornea, a withdrawn its central peak These operations are performed using high precision surgical instruments, in this case the femtosecond laser, which allows the surgeon to control at all times the size and thickness of the tissue to replace something that is vital in order that the intervention has a satisfactory result.


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