Paediatrics Ophthalmology

Preventive medicine, for kids

Committed to preventing and curing kid’s eye health we offer a unique consultancy based in a human touch and expertise training in treating strabismus and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Our professional consultants specialised in Paediatrics ophthalmology and optometry, using the latest and most sophisticated technology are able to detect any sign that warns about any eye ailment in childhood.

The first four years of life are critical for the proper development of vision. Eye tests after six months of age are intended to prevent the development of the most common eye ailments as the lazy eye or strabismus. Barring any obvious eye problems or injuries, the next regular eye examination for a child should be conducted between the ages of three and four.

During childhood the first signs of refractive errors may appear. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism cause poor vision and may hinder school performance.

It is estimated that over 25% of school failure is caused by visual problems.

Children with visual impairments are at risk to develop specific inappropriate behaviour, which may warn us of the existence of a visual problem and the consequent need to go to the ophthalmologist.

  • Approaching too much to paper or screen when writing or reading.
  • Straining the eyes when looking at distant objects.
  • Headaches, especially after a visual effort.
  • Bad hand writing.
  • Red or teary eyes and continuously rubbing them.
  • Photophobia.


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