Ordinary Medical Certificate

What must I do in order to obtain an official medical certificate?

At the Examination Centre of the Ophthalmic Institute of Mallorca we carry out the tests for the Official Medical Certificates needed to assess if a person is fit to carry out certain activities, such as:

  • Medical certificates for sports people in official competitions
  • Medical certificates for candidates for public jobs
  • Medical certificates for fishermen
  • Medical certificates for lifeguards
  • Medical certificates for official taxi drivers
  • Medical certificates for students (musical conservatory, etc.)
  • And anyone else that requests a health examination

What documents are needed in order to obtain an official medical certificate?

  • National Identification Number (DNI)
  • Glasses or lenses if you use them for this activity

Where can I obtain more official information about the issuance of an official medical certificate?

At the website of the Official Association of Doctors of the Balearic Islands (COMIB): www.comib.com/


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