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971 20 15 12

24H Emergency

IOM / Palma
971 201 512

Clínica Rotger
971 726 913

Emergencies will be attended Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., at the headquarters of IOM (Ophthalmologic Institute of Majorca). Out of this time, you have at your disposal our 24h ward service, which is located at Clínica Rotger in Palma.


Ocular anatomy

In this section the IOM seeks to provide you with complete information on the main pathologies which affect our ocular health, and on the most appropriate treatments for dealing with them.

The section includes a brief glossary with the key terms associated with the conditions which usually affect our eyesight the most frequently.

  • Cornea: transparent tissue at the front of the eye which provides most of its refractive power
  • Pupil: opening in the central part of the iris which controls the entry of light
  • Iris: coloured part of the eye which acts as a diaphragm
  • Lens: transparent lens located behind the pupil which makes it possible to focus
  • Vitreous humour: transparent gel occupying the rear part of the eye
  • Aqueous humour: transparent liquid in the anterior chamber which nourishes the cornea and the lens
  • Retina: inner layer of the eye which transforms light into nerve impulses
  • Macula: central part of the retina responsible for seeing details and colours
  • Optic nerve: transports the electrical impulses of the retina to the brain
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