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971 20 15 12

24H Emergency

IOM / Palma
971 201 512

Clínica Rotger
971 726 913

Emergencies will be attended Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., at the headquarters of IOM (Ophthalmologic Institute of Majorca). Out of this time, you have at your disposal our 24h ward service, which is located at Clínica Rotger in Palma.



What is it?

"Tired sight" caused by loss of elasticity of the lens. Causes a reduction of focus or accommodation. Associated with age appearing at age 40-45


Reduction of focus or accommodation. Usually the arm is moved away in order to read more easily.


With spectacles. If there is only a problem with seeing near objects then simple glasses for nearsightedness will suffice. If in addition to near objects there are problems seeing faraway objects then bifocal or progressive lenses will be needed.

Surgical treatment

  • Corneal implants (KAMRA type)
  • MULTIFOCAL pseudofakia intraocular lens (with or without cataracts)
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