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971 20 15 12

24H Emergency

IOM / Palma
971 201 512

Clínica Rotger
971 726 913

Emergencies will be attended Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., at the headquarters of IOM (Ophthalmologic Institute of Majorca). Out of this time, you have at your disposal our 24h ward service, which is located at Clínica Rotger in Palma.



What is it?

One eye is not aligned to the other. In the eye there are six muscles which work as a team. The two eyes always look in the same direction. Strabismus causes an aesthetic and functional defect. The images of each eye fuse and are perceived as a single image. When this equilibrium is broken two images occur. Double vision causes great confusion and the brain usually eliminates one of them.


Consists of aligning the eyes to reestablish binocular vision. Optical correction is possible in some cases but usually surgery is necessary.

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